Company Policy


The Company’s vision is to maintain its leading position in the construction and the Real Estate development sectors by building on its reputation and resources.


The Company’s Strategic Pillars and Targets are:

  1. Growth:

a. Effective participation and leading role in all types of construction Projects, utilising the Company’s resources and expertise.

b. Effective correlation of construction quality and project profitability.

c. Effective manpower planning and staffing at all levels including professional, supervising and trade personnel.

d. To secure premium selling prices for the Company’s Real Estate projects.

  1. High Standards of Quality, Safety and Health and Environmental Performance:

a. In accordance to the requirements of the technical specifications and budget of the Project.

b. Plan and monitor the Company’s operations including those of subcontractors and suppliers with the aim to prevent accidents and pollution.

c. Set a framework for reviewing and complying with legal, regulatory, statutory and contract requirements.

d. Monitoring quantitative key performance indicators in relation to Client satisfaction, operational and environmental performance, and for the standards in Safety and Health, including the performance of the Company’s suppliers, subcontractors associated with our projects.

e. Communicate this Policy to all employees, suppliers, subcontractors, associates and the public.

  1. Effectiveness:

a. Use of advanced and innovative design, construction and project management methods.

b. Investment in new plant, equipment and information technology, to ensure technological advances and development in line with the aim to prevent accidents and pollution.

  1. Human Resource Management:

a. Attract, recruit, develop, motivate and commit competent personnel at all levels.

b. Targeted training and development of personnel in both technical and soft skills, with particular emphasis on Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety management (QESH).

c. Objective performance evaluation and management of personnel.

  1. Client Services:

a. Provide services that consistently satisfy or exceed the Client’s expectations.

b. Respond to Client’s justified claims, provide support and effectively resolve issues in a timely manner.

  1. Corporate Image:

a. Monitor and strengthen relations with the Company’s Clients and associates. Promote good relationships with other relevant Parties and Authorities.

b. Strengthen corporate communications.

c. Promote and develop the Company’s corporate image.

  1. Joint Ventures/Consortia:

Participate and assume a leading role in Joint Ventures/Consortia, for prestigious construction or concession contracts in Cyprus.


Within the framework of implementation of the Company’s Integrated Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the Management is committed to provide the resources required, for continually improving the quality of the Company’s products and services, environmental performance and standards in Safety and Health.


Revision Date: 17/06/2013