J&P MAKEDON is an imaginatively conceived property development situated at Elia Papakyriacou Street, Makedonitissa, Egomi.
Customers and investors will benefit from a combination of quality, construction and prime location.
The internationally acclaimed J&P, offers stylish living in a group of apartments of one two and three bedrooms, well proportioned living spaces, large veradahs and underground car parking, all in a fashionable and flourishing commercial and residential environment.

Times change but quality endures.

District: Nicosia
Location: Makedonitisa, Municipality of Engomi
Status: Completed
Price Range: From €140.000 to €260.000
Number Of Properties: 34 Flats

No Number Of Bedrooms Internal Covered Areas Covered Areas Pricesort icon
A203 1 53.00m² 73.00m² SOLD
A205 2 92.00m² 131.00m² SOLD
A101 2 91.00m² 130.00m² SOLD
A102 1 56.00m² 78.00m² SOLD
A103 1 53.00m² 73.00m² SOLD
A104 1 56.00m² 78.00m² SOLD
A105 2 92.00m² 131.00m² SOLD
A202 1 56.00m² 78.00m² SOLD
A204 1 56.00m² 78.00m² SOLD
A301 1 65.00m² 90.00m² SOLD
A201 2 91.00m² 130.00m² SOLD
A302 2 82.00m² 115.00m² SOLD
A304 1 65.00m² 90.00m² SOLD
B001 3 105.00m² 151.00m² SOLD
B101 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
B102 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
B103 2 92.00m² 133.00m² SOLD
B201 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
B202 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
B301 2 98.00m² 147.00m² SOLD
C001 3 105.00m² 151.00m² SOLD
C101 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
C102 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
C103 2 92.00m² 133.00m² SOLD
C201 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
C202 2 81.00m² 120.00m² SOLD
C301 3 98.00m² 147.00m² SOLD
D001 3 139.00m² 184.00m² SOLD
D002 3 136.00m² 164.00m² SOLD
D101 3 133.00m² 184.00m² SOLD
D102 3 132.00m² 182.00m² SOLD
D201 3 133.00m² 184.00m² SOLD
D202 3 132.00m² 182.00m² SOLD
A303 2 82.00m² 115.00m² SOLD

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Available Flats: 0